I  started reading comics from the small store across from my home in  Grants Lick, Ky. The owner would take the newsstand issues that didn't  sell and cut half the cover off then sell the comics for 15 cents. A  bargain for a 8 year old in the mid 70s. We moved to Florida in 1979 and  I took my collection of half covered comics and my brothers hand me  downs and spent a few years buying beat up 20 cent issues from the local  used book store.

In 1982 at the age of 14 I met Larry Martin who taught  me that condition is a good part of what makes older comics valuable and  gave me a solid foundation for understanding comic books. Larry owned a  small comic booth at the Auburndale flea market and when he decided to  close up shop I talked him into letting me run the booth. M & M  comics was born… Shortly after we started, Larry sold me the entire  stock and I went into business for myself. I continued to run M & M  for a short time selling only back issues then sold the remaining stock  to the used book store.

I kept the Spider-Man and X-Men comics and that became  the core of my collection. I collected mainly at Circle K and other  small newsstands for the next few years branching into other titles. Not  having transportation to any direct market stores I was at the mercy of  a very limited selection. I did the normal kid thing and worked here  and there, even a short time at the Mall Twin movie theater. In 1986 I  took my collection to AABs Comics in Winter Haven to sell for a little  bit of spending cash but decided to keep my collection. From that day I  started buying like a mad man. By 1990 I had collected back to the stock  level I had at M & M and wanted to open a brick and mortar store.  With help from my brother in law I opened Downtown Comics on Central  Avenue in Winter Haven on Oct 15th 1991. Downtown only carried comics  for the first 6 months but the demand for games came in and we quickly  adapted. Downtown was busting at the seams and moved from its original  location to a larger location in 93 and again in 95. In 2000 Downtown  had to move to its 4th location on Central Avenue and quickly became one  of the top selling Games Workshop in the state.

In 2003 Downtown became an affiliate of Coliseum of  Comics in Orlando Florida. With the combined power of the chain things  were looking really good for the future. We expanded into more trade  paperbacks and a larger selection of Statues.

Late in 2003 my wife was given an opportunity to open a  psychology practice in North Carolina so Downtown was sold in April 2004  to Frank Adams, a long time customer. In 2007 Downtown was purchased by  the Coliseum chain and has moved to Lakeland. Go by and check it out if  you're ever in Lakeland.

The Idea for Parker Banner Kent and Wayne came around  before I sold Downtown. I knew when I moved to NC that I would not be  able to let the comics out of my system. Originally the name would be  Parker Kent Murdock and Wayne but it didn't seem to flow as well for me…  and Matt Murdock was already in a law firm. The name is long… it  doesn't scream comics and games… but you can see it in the eyes when the  name clicks and all falls into place.